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July Activities

We are so excited to be able to open in July, even if it is only the outdoors space. We have put together our July activities based on careful social distancing measures, this obviously impacts the amount, duration and types of activities we are able to provide.

Please also take note that the usual schedule, such as ’13+ Days’ and ‘Preschool Days’ may not appear as they previously have. We have designed July to be as open for everyone as possible. Preschool visitors can attend on the ‘Open for all Days’ and disabled adult visitors can visit on any day of the week up to the start of the school holidays, where you will see the adult days carry on every Thursday like they normally would in the summer. Wwe are quite aware that sometimes it’s not ideal to mix age groups and varying abilities, but at this time we felt it was really important that all disabled people could just come to Thomley as much as possible. Please do contact us if you aren’t sure what the best day would be for you to visit.

You can download a copy of the July Activities here.

Or, you can view them on our calendar.

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