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Can you tick anything off of our Christmas list?

Please help tick something off of our Christmas list! There are lots of ways you can help Thomley, donations are always really appreciated and help us to keep providing such a varied service. If you are looking to support a Charity this Christmas or would like to help us by donating something from our Christmas wish list, please do!


Here are a selection of items on our Christmas list this year:

* Arrows for our archery set (they get so much use and our current set is very low on arrows!)

* Party pans for our adult cooking club (these enable our disabled adults to cook in a group setting together)

* Medium sized go-karts (we have large go-karts but can’t afford some smaller ones!)

* Various paint colours (we go through a lot of paint in the art room and like to keep a variety of colours all year round!)

* Footballs – size 5  (It’s nice to update our sports equipment, no one likes an old flat football)

Cups for the pavilion (So many get broken or lost over time, it’s really helpful to have cups out all the time so families have access to water in the pavilion)


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