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Vote for Thomley in Tesco stores from April 1st…

We are thrilled to have been accepted into the Tesco Community Grant scheme.


This will be familiar to most of you, as it’s the scheme where you make a purchase in a Tesco store and will receive a token. PLEASE put your tokens into the box for Thomley. We are looking to develop our sensory garden more and more. The funding we could receive (£1,500) for first place would make a massive difference to the development for visitors to benefit from.


The stores we are in are as follows:

2990 Oxford Cowley Rd OX4 1UT Metro

2994 Oxford 2 OX4 6XJ Superstore

4377 Oxford Abingdn Rd Exp OX1 4TJ Express

4780 Botley Express OX2 9TJ Express

5966 Banbury Rd Oxford Exp OX2 7HN Express

6167 Oxford St Aldates Exp OX1 1RA Express

6292 Oxford Magdalen St OX1 3AD Metro

6880 Oxford London Rd Exp OX3 9AJ Express


Thank you in advance, and get voting!

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