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Next week, half term at Thomley…

Next week (half term) at Thomley…


Monday 26th October

Disability Family Day 11am Lionel the land train, 11am and 1:30pm cooking skills (Limited spaces, book in advance), 2pm laser tag and 2pm pumpkin carving

Tuesday 27th October

Disability Family Day 11am multisports, 1pm BFG dream jars, 1:30pm coconut shy and 2pm pumpkin carving

Wednesday 28th October

Disability for all Day 11am archery, 1pm Frobscottle smoothies, 1:30pm football and 2pm pumpkin carving

Thursday 29th October

Disability Adult Day (but please do call up on the day or day before, if you are looking to bring younger people. These days are currently very quiet so we may open this up to all ages) 10:30am cooking Mr Twits spaghetti, 1pm Lionel the land train, 2pm pumpkin carving and 2:30pm silent disco

Friday 30th October

Open for all (any age, any ability) 11am cooking Halloween treats, 1pm coconut shy, 1:30pm football and 2pm pumpkin carving

Saturday 31st October

Disability Quiet Day 11:30am curling, 11:30am fizzy lifting potion making, 2pm hockey and 2pm pumpkin carving


To book for any day, please contact us: 01844 338380 /

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