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At Thomley, we look to a future where disabled people have the same opportunities as everyone else. Where they can play, work and socialise alongside non-disabled friends and peers.

We know that to make this a reality we all have a long way to go and vital services like ours will still be needed for years to come. This is why we hope our supporters will remember us when they come to make a Will.

Legacy gifts, no matter how small, are really valuable to charities and a bequest to Thomley costs nothing now but could help ensure our service is available for future generations.


All you need: Charity address and registered charity number


Menmarsh Road, Worminghall, Buckinghamshire, HP18 9JZ

Registered charity number: 

Charity No. 1089224



If you would like to speak to someone about including a legacy gift to Thomley in your Will, please get in touch:

Call 01844 338380 or email

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