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Can you tick anything off our wishlist?

We often circulate a list of items we could really do with to help us replenish and offer more art activities. If you can tick anything off our list please get in touch with Hayley or bring the items with you when you visit. (Please let us know you’re bringing the items with you first though!)


The current list is:

Unwanted gifts
Cardboard tubes (not toilet rolls)
Small plastic bottles
Baby play mat
Baby activity gym/play arch
Wild flower seeds
Old typewriter
Large digital clock
Large egg timer
Xbox games & controllers
Wii games
Brightly coloured decorative cushions
Brightly coloured rugs
Plain t shirts for printing
Bike helmets
Go-karts and trikes for all ages
Spare baby clothes (9-12 months)
Disney or Pixar DVDs
Blue single fitted sheets
Lego including mini figures

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