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We are currently recruiting for new Trustees…

Thomley is looking for new and additional trustees. Are you interested or do you know someone who may be interested?

The essence of the role is to:
· Contribute to the provision of overall direction and leadership for the charity and to develop strategic objectives in accordance with the charitable objectives
· Provide ongoing professional support for the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Senior Management Team (Fundraising, Finance and Operations) to enable Thomley to meet the objectives,
and to hold:
· Joint accountability with other Board members for creation and implementation of the charity’s strategic objectives,
· Joint accountability for the selection and performance of the CEO,
· Joint accountability for the business performance and financial viability of the charity.

Specific knowledge and experience, e.g. finance, legal, business, would be a welcome addition.

Full Job Description: Trustee Job Description – March 2018

For more information, please contact Warren Koehler (CEO): 01844 338380 ext. 120





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